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Engineered with quality in mind, the Accu-brand industrial heavy duty hangers are built with stainless steel parts by skilled craftsman in the heart of America. Every Accu-brand product ensures every owner years of satisfaction and dependability!

Our Dura-Loop® product line of industrial metal hangers & The Strong Arm industrial door latch are at home in a variety of applications around the house, your workshop and your business. You can even take our products out to play for use at the marina or as a practical accessory to your recreational vehicle.

dura loop small hose hook
hose holder small
saddle hose rack
samll hose hook
dura loop hose hanger

Engineered with quality in mind!

Stainless steel industrial heavy duty hangers

100% Customer Satisfaction


dura loop hose hanger

Hose Hangers

strong arm

Strong Arm

foldable tables

Fold-Up Table

Why buy a $15 hose holder that will rust, sag, and require replacement every 2 or 3 years? This hose hook looks great, is strong as an ox and should last longer than the home it’s screwed onto. I’ll be buying the larger size for the front of the house now.

Doug Westbrook

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